Your cat is part of your family and she’ll share life with you for probably a good ten years or more. No cat’s behavior is perfect 365 days of the year, any more than your children are always perfectly behaved (NOT!)

So here’s your chance to be proactive. Our Behavior Tips address the most common behavior questions cat owners have. From scratching the furniture to out of control play to litter box problems – these are only a few examples we’ll talk about in our Behavior Tips.

And we’ll cut through the Behavior Baloney you’ve heard or read in various places– like how you DON’T have to train your cat to use the litter box but you do have to provide the right KIND of litter box.

Behavior Tips will share what behavior scientists have discovered about what cats need and how you can create a great relationship with your cat.

To make it easy to consume Behavior Tip information, each Tip is a 3 – 5 minute audio recording that you can listen to while checking your email or doing other work on your computer. No more saying “I don’t have time to read this email now, I’ll save it for later”. Just click on the link to the audio and you can listen while you multi-task. What could be easier!! And your cat will thank you.

An email containing the link to each Behavior Tip will be delivered to your inbox approximately once a week. Make sure you white list so your spam blocker or ISP doesn’t prevent you from receiving our Tips. We aggressively guard your privacy and don’t share your information with anyone for any reason.

Don’t wait a second longer, email us at Info(ATSign) and we’ll subscribe you to our tips series.

Here’s the topics you’ll hear about:

  1. Behavior Changes That Signal Your Cat May Not Feel Well
  2. Where to Put Your Litterbox So Your Cat Will Use It
  3. Teach Your Cat To Be More At East When Handled (including at the veterinarian’s!)
  4. How To Acclimate Your Cat to a Crate and WHY It’s So Important
  5. Help Your Cat Be More Sociable and Why Cats Like Some People More Than Others
  6. Why Cats Lick (or over-groom) Themselves And What You Can Do About It
  7. Understanding Scratching Behavior and Preventing Destructive Scratching
  8. How To Give Your Cat Safe Outside Time
  9. Stop Your Cat From Pestering You to Be Let Outside
  10. Are Two (or more) Cats Better Than One?