When a dog is cited under animal ordinances as being dangerous, aggressive, threatening or vicious, some courts will order the dog be evaluated before deciding penalties or outcomes. An owner may decide to obtain an evaluation on their own to take to court to have a positive influence on the outcome (which it may or may not have). The question is can the dog be released to the owner with a reasonable expectation that the dog will not present a danger to the community.  Bite likelihood is influenced by the dog’s behavior, the owner’s ability and willingness to appropriately manage the dog, including providing an appropriate physical environment.  We assess those factors in detail during our evaluations.

Evaluations begin with a detailed behavior history which can be conducted by phone.  Next is an in person meeting at our location, or potentially in your home depending on location and the specifics of the case.  The details of our interactions with the owner and the dog will also depend on the details of the ordinance violation.

We will write a professional report for the court and/or the owner detailing our procedures and explaining our findings.  Our conclusions are objective, independent, and based on the facts of the case and our own observations.   We act as neutral parties and do not advocate for the dog, the owner or the court.  Our evaluation may or may not be favorable to the dog.

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists who are academically trained to observe and interpret behavior using scientific principles will provide an evaluation at a different level than individuals without scientific training.  We will logically describe the evidence for our conclusions and interpretations and will include alternative interpretations when the facts suggest them.

Contact us at Info@AnimalBehaviorAssociates.com OR call us at 303-932-9095 for prices and scheduling.  Fees vary depending on what needs to be included in the evaluation based on the circumstances of the case.

We can no longer provide court ordered evaluations for Colorado because of our Arizona location.  Exceptions may be for limited availability in the summer (June-September).