After we lost our beloved Coral on December 15, 2016, we became “empty pet-sters”.  For the first time in our adult lives (except our college years), we were pet-less.  For several reasons, acquiring more pets of our own  isn’t a good fit for us right now, but we miss having dogs or cats around the house to love and spoil.  As prior “foster-flunkies” (the two pets were agreed to foster became loved family members) we knew fostering was not a good fit for us.

So we chose to offer custom, in-our-home pet care.  We want to be the kind of care provider WE searched for to care for Coral, and really all of our pets. In-home pet care is not a full time business for us, but something we do because we enjoy. We’ve been pet sitting through since March of 2017.  Please feel free to check out our profile and reviews on Rover HERE.

We take care of only ONE family’s pets at a time. So if your pets don’t get along with others, no worries!  Your pets will be the ONLY ones in our home.

We do have a few requirements however:

  1. Dogs MUST be housetrained and cats MUST use the litterbox reliably.  If your male dog has a tendency to urine-mark we will use a male-belly-band similar to one you can see HERE 
  2. Pets cannot be aggressive or threatening to the occasional adult visitor who comes to our home.  Pets we sit for will not be around children.
  3. Dogs must be able to be controllable when walking past other dogs on the sidewalk.  We do not allow dog-dog greetings on the street but your dog must be able to pass other dogs or people on the other side of a street with a manageable level of excitement or arousal.
  4. Dogs must be able to be occasionally left alone (either free in the house or crated) for a few hours at a time without panicking, becoming destructive, or housesoiling.  While we are home more often than not, we do go out on personal errands or activities for several hours at times.

Your pet will be allowed on the furniture and on the bed.  We’ll give your pet the same privileges we did ours – which was a LOT!  We have a large back yard surrounded by a 6 foot concrete block fence.  Our gates are always locked. We’ll give your dog at least 2 walks a day as well as back yard time when we are home.

Rates for 2019: 

Overnight stays – $35/night for the first dog; $17 for second.  If you pick up your dog later than noon, a day of day care will be charged.

Day care:  $20/day for first dog, $10 for the second.  Earliest drop off is usually 8am although earlier can be accommodated by request.  Pick up no later than 6pm unless other arrangements are made.

Dog walking:  $20/30minute walk/dog $10 for second.  Our area for service in your home is restricted to Sun City AZ and areas in Glendale or Peoria less than 5 miles from Sun City boundaries.

Contact us at 303-932-9095 or if you are interested in our pet care services.