When touched, the Snappy Trainer pops into the air. The combination of the fast movement and the ‘snapping’ sound startles the pet.  The Snappy Trainer interrupts the behavior immediately and consistently which is consistent with good practices that adhere to animal learning theory.  The red paddle prevents the pet from being injured.  It’s safe for puppies and small mammal pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits or ferrets.  We’ve used the Snappy Trainer for years and NEVER had any pet injured, panicked, nor generalized their avoidance behavior to anything other than the sight of the Snappy Trainer.  After just one or two experiences, the pet avoids touching the Snappy Trainer.

Here’s the Snappy Trainer ready to go on top of a trash can.  Should your pet attempt to get into the trash and touch the lid with nose, paw or body, the Snappy Trainer® will be triggered, as you see in the picture below.



SThipopThe  Snappy Trainer® meets the criteria for an effective deterrent – you don’t have to be present, it activates from the pet’s own behavior, it’s consistent, and it doesn’t cause harm.

After several experiences, you don’t need to “arm” the Snappy Trainer®.  Just the sight of it will deter our pets.  To prevent this discrimination, put the device inside the trash can, or cover it with a sheet of paper.

This new improved version is more durable and easier to “arm” compared to the Snappy Trainer® of years ago.

Although not weather proof, the Snappy Trainer can be used outside to deter squirrels from getting into trash cans and dogs from digging holes.

Because the Snappy Trainer closes against the plastic paddle it cannot harm your pet.


Special closeout price of  $10 for a package of 2 Snappy Trainers  

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